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There are many Christian families living in impoverished neighborhoods with very limited educational opportunities – and little prospect for breaking the cycle of poverty. Sadly, many of these children – often minorities –  never get the chance to experience the educational and religious opportunities that a private Christian school provides. Diversity & Integration of Christian Education is working to change that. 


Our goal is simple: to provide children with the enlightened education they deserve. To accomplish this, Diversity & Integration of Christian Education offers endowments to Christian schools that allow kids from low-income families to receive a Christian-based education. This also gives them an improved chance to proceed on to higher education following high school graduation. In fact, studies have shown that children in who receive a private education are 25% more likely to attend college than those who attend public schools (Council for American Private Education). 


Will you help us to make our goal a reality?


Not only do these scholarships give children a chance to grow as students during elementary school and high school, they bring them into a Christian environment and provide the resources and education to become leaders and disciples for generations to come (Matthew 28:19). Assistance goes beyond tuition, providing meals, athletic opportunities, school uniforms, class trips, mentorship, teacher training and more. In addition, the increased diversity that our program introduces to private Christian schools is tremendously important. When children have friends from different walks of life and classmates from different cultures, our communities grow stronger. 


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